Ask each Classmate to Cook and Host a Dinner from their Home Country

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When studying abroad at the TALK English Schools in the USA, it can be a rewarding and great experience for everyone involved. During your study period there are many things that you will do and experience, but what about showing a side of you and your culture for your classmates to see and experience. Here are some study abroad tips you can use to make your stay more enjoyable.

Cultural Dinner Hostinghost a dinner

A great way to make new friends and to show them about your country and its culture is to have a dinner night and ask each classmate to cook and host a dinner from their home country. This can be a fun experience for all involved and will show you the differences in cuisine that each country has to offer. To make this work, one classmate a week can make a meal that is traditional to what they would normally eat if they were back at home. To make it more fun and exciting you can also add any traditions, cutlery pieces or get everyone to dress up in a traditional outfit that may be worn when eating or serving dinner. When visiting other cultural dinner hosting events, it is best to keep an open mind as this will help you become more immersed into learning the new culture.

Mingle With Local Residents

During your stay it can be a great experience if you spend time with the local residents and the citizens of the country you are staying in. You will learn to respect the culture through understanding the people and how they feel about their customs and beliefs.  During your study break you should also take the opportunity to experience local events and festivals. You could also join a club that is of interest to you, such as  sports, culture, book, and other activities like chess or hiking clubs and societies, for example.

Keep In Contact With Home host a dinner

Although you may be having fun experiencing a new world, don’t forget to keep in contact with your family back home so they don’t have to worry and you don’t have to worry about them missing you or being concerned you are okay. Make sure when you’re settling in you have a way of contacting your family in an efficient way regularly. This can be through email, cell phones, or Skype.

Spend your Weekends or Breaks having Fun

When you have your study break, it is important you take this time and use it to your best ability to either rest and relax or to have fun. Don’t continue to study on time off as this will make you stale and can hamper your learning ability and enthusiasm for your classes. Explore the city, go on adventures with friends, or see the sights and attractions that your city has to offer.



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