Why Volunteering is Important

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Volunteers are the backbone of charities and other non-profit and community organizations. Without them, there would be many, many more people, and animals, enduring a great deal of deprivation and suffering in today’s world. There are many great rewards for those who volunteer.  Opportunities to volunteer in the host cities of our TALK English Schools students abound. Plus, the act of volunteering in your host city will make our TALK English Schools student feel more connected with the city they have adopted, and they will feel good about their contribution to the community.  The important of community service is to allow you to learn new skills, help people in need, and help make yourself feel confident and good about yourself by helping others. Here are four different ways you can volunteer for community service to help those in need.

  1. Animals: volunteering

Animal shelters in the local area are always in need of people who want to volunteer their time for free. Volunteer work at an animal shelter may include answering phones, making holiday decorations, cleaning cages, as well as helping to look after some of the animals from time to time. If you would like to volunteer your services you can contact one of the local shelters in your area and speak with them directly to see if your services would be needed.

  1. Seniors:

Senior citizens are always grateful for any help that is offered to them. Senior citizen centers or nursing homes are always happy to have assistance from volunteers. During this time you may just sit and talk to those who may seem lonely, help plan any activities, as well as help them with completing certain forms, chores, or daily requirements. You may also be able to write letters, keep them company, or just make them happy in general.

  1. Helping other kids:

As in every country, in America, there are always children in need. volunteeringVolunteering to give your time to other kids can let the children know that they are loved, and can give them the confidence boost they may need. You could set up a kids Olympic carnival, do face painting, activities, and more to help give them some fun time.

  1. The Environment:

Another way you can help the community is by looking after the environment. There are many different community services that allow you to go green and help clean up the environment around you, where you can plant trees, make vegetable gardens or more. You could also launch a campaign to help conserve power by turning electronic devices off at night when you will not be needing them. Check with your local community service center for ways you can help.

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