Typical American Food: An Introduction

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When studying abroad in the United States of America, you are going to find that many aspects of life are very, very different to those in your home country. One of the first revelations for our  TALK International students is the American food, or ‘cuisine’ that is typical of America. The first thing you will notice is wonderful and diverse cuisines available in the U.S.A. But there is also such as thing as typically American food. We offer some insights into typical American food, and some examples of the most well-known American dishes.

Typical American FoodAmerican food

Tater Tots – While Americans love their French fries, one thing they love more is the variation on the potatoes which are called’ Tater Tots.’ Tater Tots are specially-made, commercial cylinder hash browns that offer plenty of flavor. They are a great alternative to French fries and are a popular choice among many Americans.

Cobb Salad – Cobb Salad is an innovative salad that transforms an ordinary salad into something wonderful. Invented by a certain Bob Cobb, this chef decided to put together what he had found in his fridge to see what would come out. The salad is a combination of an avocado, a head of lettuce, watercress, some romaine lettuce, cold chicken breast, tomatoes, hardboiled egg, cheese, chives, and some French dressing. Once word spread about this delicious combo, American claimed it as their own!

Jerky – Jerky is dehydrated meat dried almost beyond recognition. Although it seems like an unpleasant type of food that would be too tough to eat, Jerky is actually a favorite high protein food for snackers, road trippers, and backpackers alike. Jerky is available in all sorts of meat options including venison, chicken, turkey, beef, ostrich, buffalo, yak, emu, and alligator. It is usually seasoned in many ways and is a portable and versatile nutritional power food for those who need to keep that energy going.


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