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When it comes to taking photos when traveling or studying abroad, there are many things that you can do to capture those amazing scenes you see and witness with your camera. It is important to take photos while you travel to help you remember the good times you have. Here are some travel photography tips for international TALK students on how you can best capture the perfect images when sightseeing.

Research Your Locationphotography

If you are planning on traveling to a specific destination, first do some research. Look at postcards from the area you are visiting for ideas, and find travel photos on the internet that have been taken in the area. Study different locations and scenery options. It isn’t about duplicating the images you see, it’s about gaining inspiration. Go to places that have great views, take note of the day and nighttime options for videos. By researching the area you will be traveling to, you can find great places, and interesting ways to take those fantastic photos.

Be Prepared

When traveling, always be prepared for that great shot by having your camera on hand at all times. Generally, the best photos are the ones that are spur of the moment. Also make sure you have enough battery power, a spacious memory card, and a fast trigger finger. Waterproof cameras are good for all day, every day use, and are perfect for any kind of shot, no matter where you are.


Lighting is important for taking photos. Bright midday light can cause your images to be unpleasant and contrasting. Some of the best times to take a photo are early mornings or at the end of the day when the light is muted, and the light on your photos will be more even.

Avoid Distracting Elements

When taking a photo or zooming in, make sure you check the whole image for distracting elements. Something brightly colored or an uncensored gesture may ruin your photo, so always check beforehand to make sure your photo is well balanced.

Add Local Flavorphotography

If you’re in a host country, try to add some local flavor to your photos – this can consist of including local people to a photographing a favorite restaurant in the town you visit. If there is a cultural festival, why not take some photos of that?  By adding a touch of authentic local culture, you can really bring your photos to life.

Watch The Weather

Take advantage of different weather patterns – from mist, fog, even lightning. Depending on where you are, different weather can make for some amazing photos and can provide a unique touch to your images.


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