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For TALK students, studying English as a second language can be demanding and sometimes stressful. Whether it’s studying for a test, going over notes, or doing homework, students need to have good study skills that will maximize their effort and their time. These are some study tips for college students proven to improve learning and study abilities:Study tips

  1. Study Plan. Before you begin, work out where you want to study, what topic you need to look over, and what timeframe you are going to work to. By having a plan you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Writing out your plan will also allow your mind to stop thinking about it and frees it up for other important work.
  2. Set Goals. While writing your study plan set yourself small goals that you can easily achieve. You can use the reward system of giving yourself something nice if you successfully complete your work. Study for 30 minutes and take a 10 minute break, then repeat. By doing this it will help you to retain what you have just learnt and you will be able to stay focused.
  3. Eat and Drink Regularly. When you become tired or hungry, you will find that your mind starts to wander. To prevent this happening, eat regularly and try to get a good night sleep. Don’t stay up all night as this will make you mentally sluggish and unfocused the next day and you will miss out on that day’s lessons.
  4. Location. When planning to study it is important that you have a study location selected. The library is a great place to study, as it is quiet. Others may favor their dorm, the coffee shop or the park. The quieter the area, the better.Study tips
  5. Remove Distractions. Before you start your study, turn off your phone, put away your iPod, and remove any other technology or distractions around you. Distractions are a large part of a student not studying properly when exams are near.
  6. Don’t Give Up. Learning a new language, and some would argue, especially English, is a challenge for anyone. When things seem especially difficult, you may be tempted to give up classes because you feel so overwhelmed. When it all becomes too hard, take a few minutes break, relax – and think positive. Break your work down into smaller parts and complete them individually. Remember giving up won’t get you anywhere, so persevere!



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