Strategies for English language learners (ELL)

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For any TALK student learning English here in the USA, there are many different strategies that maximize the benefits of your classroom learning experience. ESL best practices can be used to help create a more confident learning session that the students will really enjoy. Here are some best practices for English Language learners to use next time they are studying and learning in class.

  1. Make sure you have a notebook, tablet, or something else that will English language learners help you to record what you are learning in your new language and points you need to remember.
  2. Don’t rely on your memory. With so much information it is easy to forget some important information.
  3. Have a dictionary handy at all times. This way if you don’t understand something, you can look it up.
  4. When you learn new words don’t miss the opportunity to check their meanings, so that you can use the word correctly.
  5. Once you have finished your lesson, go over it about an hour later and make notes of the things you don’t understand. Bring these points that you are confused about up with your teacher the next day.
  6. Request that your teacher repeat something if you do not understand it. Remember you are paying to learn and to understand everything you are taught.
  7. Watch TV in English to help immerse yourself in the language. This can help you to expose yourself to both commonly used words and phrases and those which are less common but still important to know. This will enable you to become accustomed to the language.
  8. But – don’t feel the need to understand everything that is on the TV. It will take time to understand. English is a hard language to learn.
  9. Write yourself a learner’s diary. By writing a line or two each day about what you are learning in class, you will be able to not only have the memory of it but also have a resource to go back to if needed.
  10. Enjoy yourself and the experience. Studying constantly can make you forget that. Always enjoy what you are doing and how it is contributing to achieving your goal.


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