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Social media and technology has become a large part of life for many college students. Students may feel the urge to constantly pick up their devices and log on to various social media sites to interact with their “friends” and forget about their real lives. Social media addiction is becoming a problem with many generations.  Many students who are constantly online and rely on these social media sites to make them feel more socially accepted. Here is a guide for our TALK students to practice better and sensible social media habits while at college.

Understanding Social Media Websitessocial media addiction

Social media sites are designed to provide you with an interactive platform where you feel the need to check back in constantly for updates.  Most games on these places, like Facebook, have areas where you need to check back daily or weekly so your items don’t spoil or a selected timeframe doesn’t run out. These social media websites are also designed to give you ease of access and engagement by enabling uploading, liking, tweeting, or commenting on your posts and others people’s posts. This becomes the way that some people convince themselves that they are accepted and approved of by others.

Ways To Balance Social Media and Real Life

Implement Rules – Before you go any further, work out times of the day when you won’t go near your favorite social media platform. These periods can include mealtimes, while you’re in bed, in the bath, driving, or communicating in persons with friends, family, or those around you.

Buy An Alarm Clock – Don’t use your phone as a morning alarm clock. By doing this you will start each day staring at the screen causing the urge to check your social media website. Instead, buy an alarm clock and set it next to your bed to help wake you up each morning. This will help to break the social media morning cycle.

social media addiction Sign Off Over The Weekend – If you find over a week you are constantly looking through your messages, emails etc, why not sign off over the weekend. By doing this it will help you to start a positive process and create a barrier between you and your technology. During this time you will be anxious, but try to keep your mind active by going out with real friends, sightseeing, or exercising. Remember the posts, comments, likes, and so forth will still be there on Monday.

Check With Purpose – When you’re bored you tend to browse through social media sites more than what you would normally. Before you log on, have a good purpose for you to be doing so, and make sure it is not just to check for updates. To help keep your mind active in the meantime, why not call a friend, do some exercise, or read a book to keep stimulated.

Respond Off-Line – If there is an important event like a birthday, don’t express your happiness and best wishes on the internet, call them in person. By doing this you will not only help to cure your social media addiction, but you will also be adding a personal touch and more sincere and thoughtful meaning to your message.

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