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College presents a fantastic opportunity for a whole lot of different experiences, and for TALK International students it is important to think about what is going to make your life and what you plan to do whilst studying abroad more convenient. What is essential?  Well, we have discovered that there is nothing like a small flashlight while at college – it comes in handy in emergencies as well as being useful to carry around after dark.

The Advantages of a Small Flashlighttorch

There are many different benefits of having a small flashlight with you in college. These include:

  1. Dorm Navigation – Sometimes in the middle of the night it can be difficult to turn on the lights in your dorm or room if you have a roommate. Because you don’t want to wake your sleeping roommate, having a flashlight can come in handy to help you see around your dorm without actually turning on too many lights.
  2. Finding your Dorm Number – If you are new to college and still getting used to where your dorm is located, it can be beneficial to have a small flashlight on hand if you come back of a night from partying and the corridors are dark. You will be able to read your dorm number clearly without waking up other classmates in the dead of the night.
  3. Blackout – One truly beneficial thing that a flashlight can do is shine a light when a blackout occurs. Blackouts can cause serious problems for students especially when trying to study for a test in the middle of the night. A small flashlight can help to keep you studying for longer and can help you to maintain your grades.

Tips when Selecting what kind of Small Flashlight to Take With you.

When you choose a flashlight there are a few things you should consider, these include:

  • The size of the flashlight and whether it is compact enough to fit into your bag.
  • The price and size of the batteries that need to be used.
  • Whether the light emitted is strong or soft

By taking these things into consideration you can find the perfect flashlight that can cater for all your college needs.

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