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Road trips are a great way of getting out and seeing the real world. For TALK International students, a road trip offers you a chance to see new things and experience new cultures and ways of life, all while sightseeing along the way. For the budget conscious student who may feel they can’t afford a US roadtrip, here are some tips on how you can make this dream U.S.A road trip a reality!:

  1. Make Sacrifices: To start saving for your trip you will have toroad trip make some sacrifices along the way. If you live the high life, you may need to cut back on some “wants” that you don’t really need to get started on a healthy savings plan. You may also need to look at different traveling options: these could consist of considerations such as sleeping in your car, camping, living in cheap accommodation, showering every 2-3 days, working temporary jobs while moving around, and more. These are some sacrifices you may have to make tough decisions about on order to make your USA road trip affordable and realizable.
  2. Flexible Planning: Before you begin your trip it is always best to plan ahead. Work out distances, costs, sightseeing opportunities, as well as where food will come from, and more. While planning, make sure you expect the unexpected. Plans can go haywire. Be prepared and be flexible.
  3. Sleep for Free if Possible: To make your road trip more affordable try to make the best of any free sleeping opportunity. This may be staying with friends on the way, sleeping in your car, camping, or pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere. This will help to save on accommodation costs.
  4. Pool your Expenses: If you are on a road trip with other people, Make sure that all costs are split equally between all the travelers. Take turns in buying food, gas, and other items and services needed along the way. Don’t make a friend pay for $50 gas when you only paid $30. Distribute all expenses fairly.
  5. Pack Appropriately and Pack Lightly: When packing for your road trip make sure you pack smart, and you pack light. Make sure all your clothing items are essential for different weather conditions, so you don’t have more than you need. The smarter you pack the more comfortable your road trip will be.
  6. Don’t Buy Souvenirs Straight Away:  When you reach your first destination, don’t go crazy buying souvenirs as this will tap into your reserves of money. Try to remember your budget and that you will have plenty more souvenirs to buy on the rest of your trip.
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