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When studying in college, TALK students may find it hard to come up with the money to go on a road trip to their dream location. However, there are many things you can do to plan a road trip that is not only affordable, but just right for you. Here are some road trip tips that you can use to help make your dream of USA road tripping a reality.

DO’S road trip

Plan Ahead: To start it is always best to plan ahead of time to make sure you know how much money you will need, and you can then plan for all sorts of things that may go wrong. Work out the cost of your accommodation, how much it will cost in gas, meal requirements, and more. This way you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs along the way.

Snack Cheaply: When you’re on the road for a long time, you may feel the need for something to snack. Instead of buying convenience store snacks, stop in at large supermarkets and buy bulk snack packs. This way you aren’t paying more than you have to.

Consider Camping: Camping is a fun way to keep your budget in check, not only is it cheaper than hotels and other accommodation, but it gives you greater choice of locations and stop[s along the way and the flexibility to move around when and where you need to.


Waste Money on Fast Food: Depending on where you are stopping, try to avoid fast food restaurants as a regular meal venue. Not only are they unhealthy, but they may be more expensive than a local diner or truck stop. Search, and ask, around to find the most affordable meals.

Break the Law: No matter where you’re traveling to it is important not toroad trip break any local, state of federal laws. Speeding, crossing lanes illegally, overtaking in a prohibited area, can all result in a huge amount of money owed in traffic fines. Legal offenses can be quite expensive, so try your best to abide by the road rules and the law.

Buy Souvenirs Everywhere you go: When traveling, it can be a thrill to buy souvenirs for everyone.  In truth, this chews up your hard-earned and saved vacation budget in no time at all. Try to resist buying souvenirs at every place you stop or visit.   Remember they will always be there.



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