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For TALK students looking for accommodation when staying and studying in the USA, there are many different options to choose from. One option you may not be aware of, or know little about, is off campus housing homestay.

What Is A Homestay? housing homestay

Homestay is a popular housing option that many students take advantage of when living and studying abroad. The homestay housing option allows you to have the experience of living life with a native US family. This will help to give you firsthand experience of everyday living, values and culture in the US while studying here.

There are many different ways that homestay works.  First it must be established that the host family home is in a good location in relation to the school.  And that transportation to and from the school is not going to be a problem. Host or homestay families may provide their international student guests with a private bedroom or they may offer a bedroom that you share with another family member. Some host US families generally take in one international student at a time, but some will take on more. There will be all sorts of age variations and different types of family units within your host families. Some may have children, some may be single parents, and some may be elderly members. You may also find that your host family has a different religious background.

Benefits of a Homestay

There are many benefits of using the homestay option when living in the US. During your stay you will have the opportunity to participate in the lifestyle of your host family and learn a lot very quickly about US culture. You will also have the ability to form long lasting and close relationships with the members of your host family.  Many international students stay in touch with their host families and vica versa long after they have shared a home, even for the rest of their lives.

You will also be re-assured to know that you are in a safe and secure living area, with families that have been vetted by the school and have a track-record of being wonderful supportive hosts. Of course you also have main meals provided by your host family and beside the pleasure of home-cooked food, this saves you a lot of money.  Your stay with your host family will teach you so much about the US culture, cultural and religious diversity and you will gain a new understanding of your host nation and know better how to adapt during your time in the USA.

What is Life with a Host Family? housing homestay

Host families chosen for the homestay option are selected carefully by the school. They are generally those who are welcoming and friendly to international students and there are some that may have been part of a host family when similarly traveling to study abroad, and now wish to return the favor. Most host families are excited to learn about international culture and are excited to have a new face in their family. They provide a comfortable and safe environment for each student and do all they can to ensure that their student guest’s stay is the best it can possibly be.

When living with your host family, you will take on new responsibilities.  You will learn to respect the different ways your host family has of doing things in their house.  They may expect that you to undertake small duties like helping wash up etc. to enable the smooth functioning of the family.  This willingness to contribute to the family chores will enable a healthy, happy and respectful relationship between you and your host family

Changing your Homestay Family

Although many students find their host family and homestay a great experience, sometimes some students would like to change for a specific reason. If this is the case, you can arrange with your school housing counselor to see if there is the available option of changing homestays.

I hope you found this article helpful in giving you the benefits of Off Campus Housing Homestay, if you did please leave a comment below.


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