How to make friends at college

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For some TALK International students, making friends can be hard when studying in college. There are so many different people out there, so how do you know which ones you want to pursue a friendship with? Well, for those who are looking to make new and lasting friends in their college years, here are some tips you can follow to help meet and get to know new people.

Introduce Yourself

You can’t make friends if you don’t introduce yourself to anyone. Start small – maybe one on one, or say hello to a small group of people. Don’t dive into larger groups until you have some confidence. Have casual conversations with other students and see whether you may like to become friends with them.

Start in the Classroom

When looking for new friends, always start in the classroom, here you will have a basic foundation as you study of the same subjects. By talking to your classmates, you may find a connection with someone through shared interests.

Join a Sports Team

Sportsmen and women, through their shared interest and often because they are on the same sporting team, typically develop long lasting friendships with one another. Why not join a team for sports club and make new friends this way? Not only will you have a common interest but you will also have fun doing participating in sports and sporting events.

Go to Places/Events you Like

Visiting parties, gatherings and other events which also attract you fellow students can also be a good idea and here, too, you will meet like-minded people. Introduce yourself to people at these events and seek out those that seem easy to talk to and be with.

Join A School or Student Organization

Student organizations are a great way to meet new people. These organizations allow you to speak your mind on different issues and can give you the confidence and skills needed to make new friends.

Volunteer your Time

When you volunteer your time to charities, community organizations, or student outreach activities, you create opportunities to meet new people.

All these ways present great opportunities to meet great people and develop long-lasting friendships.

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