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When it comes to eating healthy, TALK international students may find it difficult to afford what they think they need – and on their tight budget. There are many ways to create  a cost-effective college student grocery list that allows you to maintain your budget limits, and keeps you healthy at the same time. Here are some healthy college student shopping list options from which you select to keep you on target with both your health and your  money.

Eat Less Meat – Purchasing organic, grass-fed, free range, pastured orshopping bag hormone-free animal products cost you a lot more than non-organic and regular farmed and chemically enhanced products. When shopping, it is a good idea to cut down on your meat purchases and substitute these with vegetables. This way, you are avoiding consuming harmful chemicals while also ensuring an affordable solution for your budget limits.

Use More Grains And Legumes – Grain products are a much more affordable way of eating healthy. Grains, beans, and other foods similar to this can make your meal completely nutritious and satisfy hunger pangs without the need for meat.

Buy In Bulk – Buying bulk amounts of items can help to save you lots of money. There are many products sold in bulk that can help you save money. These include flours, dried fruits, pastas, and grains. These products have a long shelf life and you can store them for use at a later date.

Buy Locally – Many and increasingly popular farmers’ markets provide an affordable way to purchase your fruits and vegetables without breaking Shopping cartthe budget. Farmers’ markets tend to be cheaper because they don’t have to pay the “middle man” such as the supermarkets.

Eat Seasonally – When the seasons roll around, the food that is grown in these seasons, tends to be cheaper than they would be in other out-of-season months. To help save you grocery money, eat seasonally.

Forgo Processed Foods – Processed foods, although may be cheaper, don’t provide the nutrients you need for a healthy diet. They can leave you hungry, causing you to eat more unhealthy junk food than you need. Another downside about these kinds of food is that too much of them at the expense of nutritious foods will led to health problems.

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