Goal Setting For Students

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For our students at the TALK English Schools we think that it is really important that you have life goals in mind and know how the study of English will advance these goals. Make sure these goals are realistic goals, but that they are inspiring and attractive enough to encourage you to finish your studies. Use some of these student goal setting and prioritizing tips and you will find that your learning experience is very much more enjoyable and focused. Goal Setting

 Tip 1. When learning English as a secondary language, ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve by this. What are your desires and why have you chosen to learn English? By answering these questions you will be able to set the foundation for your goals and what you want to achieve after you have learnt English.

Tip 2. Create a map of some sort on how you are going to move from Point A (start) to Point Z (finish), and what you need to do along the way to reach your final point. What specific knowledge is required of you, where might it be advisable to find work, or what area or region must you choose to live that will help you to complete your goal?

Tip 3. Identify what sort of skills you will need in order to achieve your ESL aims, as well as  your life goals.

Tip 4. Identify your goal/s to assess whether they are in fact achievable, and set yourself a timeframe within which you will work to complete your goal. Do not to put too short a timeline on a goal that you know will take much longer to complete.

Tip 5. Break down your goal into different sections for easier completion. Goal Setting If your learning goal can be broken down into selected steps or sections, do this. By working on smaller sections at a time you are more likely to efficiently complete each section, and ultimately complete everything that is required to reach your goal.

Tip 6. Work to your ability. Don’t try to over-compensate or to reach your goal faster by taking on difficult areas of learning that you do not necessarily need in order to be successful, as this will slow you down. By working at your knowledge level and ability you will be realistically reach your goal in a good timeframe without any problems.

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