Eating healthy on a budget

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As a TALK student you may find it hard to eat healthy on a budget when your budget is very limited. Although for some students this is true, your budget does not have to affect your ability to eat healthily. Here are some things you can do and that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to promote healthy eating on a budget.

Make A List – Make a list before you go on your weekly shopping trip, andWoman buying groceries place it on your fridge. Write down all the items you may be running low on. A list can provide an easy way to keep track of what you need. When you write out your list for shopping make sure all your items are things that you really need and not things that you want in the moment. Spontaneous shopping can cause your budget to blow out. Stick to your list at all times and make sure everything is a necessity.

Bulk Buying – If you go shopping and you find selected meats or vegetables on sale for cheaper in bulk, buy and then portion it out, and store some in the freezer. Bulk buying can help to save you money in the long run and can provide you with additional food when needed in an emergency.

Buy Healthy – Most times, buying fruits and vegetables is cheaper than buying junk food. Fruits and vegetables can be used in many dishes and in many different ways to provide you with versatile and a healthy meals to improve your lifestyle.

Find Healthy Recipes – If you’re not a star chef in your own kitchen, why not hire out some recipe books and create brand new meals to try. Using recipes books can help you use up leftover food that you may normally throw away. Recipes books also have a great variety of healthy food options that can help give you the stamina and wellness you need to get through life.

Drink Water – Although drinking cans of soda is tasty, to help save you money why not just drink plain water. Water is cheap, healthy, and leaves you with all that additional money that you have not blown on sodas.

Eat In – Restaurants tend to be fairly expensive when it comes eating out. So, to save your money, why not make your own food and eat in? Not only can you gain new skills with cooking but you can also create the perfect affordable meals for your budget that are also healthy.

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