Depression In College Students

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When studying abroad in a new country, many TALK students may fall into a depressed state because of being in a new place and all the things which go with that – social anxiety, stress, and homesickness. College depression is normal and quite common amongst students. Depression can make you feel very alone, isolated, and unhappy and it does not always lift without some outside intervention. Here are some ideas as to how to tackle or prevent depression in students. depression

Exercise: Exercise and physical activity is said to release endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that can produce an overall feeling of positivity within the body which can naturally help to fight off depression. It is said that mild and moderate depression can be helped with exercise. For anyone who may be seriously depressed, simple exercise will not do.

Break Out Of Your Shell: When you first study and you are new at college it is common to concentrate on your studies and class attendance and anything that helps maintain good grades. Although this is a great, college doesn’t mean you always have to study. Balancing your study and your social life is important. Don’t become a hermit as this will make you more depressed. Try to go out and make new friends so you don’t feel so alone while you are away from your old friends and family.

Use Counseling Services: Most campuses have trained mental health experts available for students who may need some extra help. Don’t feel ashamed about talking to someone about your depressed feelings. Most of the time you will find that many students have felt hesitant about seeking help, but have made themselves go to see the nurse or counselors to help them deal with their depression. You don’t have to talk about it with your friends, you can be discreet about your need to get help and your counselors will co-operate in every way.

Use Technology to your Advantage: These days technologicaldepression advances have paved the way to facilitating easy, cheaper and better communication between people and families, however far across the globe they may be. Facebook, Skype or Google Hangouts are a great way for communicating with your family back home and can help to improve your overall sense of well being by having that ability to connect with home and family so easily, especially when you are feeling homesick. This will help you to keep in touch with the ones you love and exchange news about the people that matter to you.


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