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When your exams are coming up and you have some free time to spare, instead of cramming in some more study, why not use this downtime to complete things you should have done a while ago – and have fun doing them. Here is a guide for TALK international students on how to have fun at college without having to spend lots of money to do it.

Read a Bookcollege

It may not seem like much fun, but if you find a great book to read you will find your downtime pleasurable. Libraries are full of great works of literature and writing – these important classic and contemporary authors, and rich reading material they produce, will entertain and engross you when you need to take time off from studies

Clean your Email Inbox Out

Although it may not seem fun, it can be! Cleaning your email inbox out will help to keep your mind active and will help you organize a part of your life that you have known needs attention for some time now! While you do this, put on some music and sing along with your favorite band. Treat this as a fun pastime.


This one may not be a favorite, although by going through old boxes and papers, you could actually find something that brings back memories or something that you forgot about that you want to get back into. Play some music here too, while cleaning and tidying.  It will make the task go much faster, and you will enjoy yourself more. You will also feel good in the sense that you have accomplished something for the day.


For those who want to get out and about, why not volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen for the homeless or for a neighborhood or community charity organization? This way you will meet new people, see new things, and learn new things that enrich your experience and knowledge.


Exercising is a great way to release that ‘happy’ hormone. When you exercise, your body releases chemical endorphins which help to boost mood and happiness.  And regular exercise will also make you feel more confident about yourself, as you become fitter and more fabulous!

Spend Time with Friends

When you have some downtime and your student friends find themselves in the same situation, why not host a movie or games night and have your friends over for an evening of fun and socializing?   Plus you will be learning the language from new angles, interacting (in English) with both old and new friends, and sharing experiences, interests and issues that are not part of your conversations in normal studying or classroom situations.


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