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During your college years, you need to learn to manage a lot of different areas of your life, such as social life, budgets, as well as study timetables. Download some of the amazingly useful apps that are available and you will find that the business of managing your life and fitting everything into your schedule will be made much easier and stress-free. Here are the best apps for college students to help keep things under control.

Amazon Mobile

The Amazon Mobile App enables you to accomplish all your shopping and retail therapy appswithout leaving campus. With this app, you can buy your groceries and other necessary items online and not have to spend more time or money than you need to by going physically to the stores.


The Mint App is a great app for helping to manage your money. It is a free app for college students which allow you to view all your accounts, check balances on saving and current bank accounts, credit cards, and make payments online. With this app, you never need to go to the bank again!


The iHomework App is perfect for helping to organize your studies, store your conversation with teachers, plan assignments, keep timetables of courses, and any other study-related tasks that you need to schedule. You can set alarms that act as notifications about assignment deadlines and other reminders.

WiFi Finder

The WiFi Finder App is a great for TALK international students who want to work somewhere off campus and so need to find free internet. This app helps to find internet hotspots that are free and has over 650,000 locations recorded for over 144 countries in the world.


Notability is an app for taking notes and sorting them so you can refer to them later. It is customizable and cuts out the need for you to use pen and paper. The audio recording feature allows for you to record anything at a moment’s notice.

The Photo Cookbook: Quick & Easy

This app is great for those who are tired of eating cafeteria food and want to try cooking at home. It is great for preparing recipes and is perfect for those who love to be in the kitchen. Here you will find high resolution photos, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow directions.


iSlick is a free app and it gives you great deals on clothing, electronics, groceries and much more, including lots of offers for you to participate in contests and sweepstakes, and collect discount coupons.

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