10 Tips on how to Survive College

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The idea of starting at college in a new city and without family or friends may seem daunting to our TALK international students. You may feel overwhelmed and find it hard to keep your head above the water, but here are some helpful tips for preparing to survive college and making your time at college one of the best of your life.

Registering: When registering and then scheduling classes, it is important not to schedule classes back-to-back at the beginning.  Doing this will only wear you out and make you both mentally and physically exhausted. You will also miss out on some of the best times to study, i.e. before and after a class.

  1. Show up at the First Day of Class: When attending classes, it is important to show survive college up and be on time when it’s your first day. Know exactly what is expected of you when you are studying at your college. Make sure you take notes even if it’s only a routine introductory lesson.
  2. Establish a Routine: When it comes to studying, it is important to create a routine that allows for sufficient time to study for each of your classes. You study period should take place at the same time and if possible the same venue each day. This will enable you to learn properly and attain those fantastic grades!
  3.  Establish a Study Area: When studying it is important to have a quiet and comfortable area to study. Your study area should have good lighting, a comfortable chair, a desk, and all your stationary supplies. It should be free of distractions, and is a place which is always possible to go .
  4. Use Daylight to Study: Try to study during the day, instead of the night. Night study  will result in a bad night’s sleep as your brain will take time to switch off. You are more likely to retain the knowledge learnt when you study during the day.
  5. Schedule Breaks: For every hour you study, take a 10 minute break. Spread your study out throughout the day to help keep your mind focused.
  6. Use Campus Study Resources: When studying take advantage of all the resources the campus has to offer. This can be anything from computer labs, tutors, alternate texts, videos, books, and more to help you achieve you learning goals.
  7. Find Study Partners: Studying with other students in the same class is a great way to help each other improve your grades. You will also be more motivated, and can help each other with things that you may not understand.
  8. Take the Hardest Subject and Study it First: If you have a difficult subject, take the time to study that subject when you are feeling fresh. Studying a difficult subject when your mind is tired will make it twice as hard and may make you put it off. Putting your subjects off will only cause you to lag further and further behind.
  9. Stay Healthy: While studying at college, make sure you stay healthy at all times. Sleep well, reduce junk food and alcohol and get plenty of exercise. By staying healthy, you more easily manage any stress that you may face.
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