10 Saving Money Tips

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Financial struggles are something that our TALK International students, like all students when they first go to college, often face when studying and living abroad. You may just be living within your budget, and many times you will wish you had more money. Here are some college student budget tips that you can use to help give you extra cash in your pocket.

Ditch Costly HabitsMoney

Smoking, drinking, or spontaneous purchasing can eat up your money fast. If you have these expensive habits, try to cut back on them – it is a great way on help you to save money. No name brands are just as good as designer brands.

Budget your Money

If you don’t budget your money each month, you don’t know how much you are spending over and above your budget. Always write out a budget plan and work out your expenses and figure out ways to save. You will probably find you have a little extra cash this way.

Limit Credit Card Use

Credit cards tend to draw many people in with spending money that they don’t have. Try to avoid putting everything on your credit card. If you can’t buy it then and there, with your cash, don’t. You can always go back and make this purchase when you can afford it.

Avoid Shopping Malls

If you are trying to save, stay away from shopping malls. Stores are always having sales and these are intended to draw people in get them to spend money they don’t really need. If you don’t have the money to splurge, don’t go to the mall.

Don’t Feel the Need to Keep up with OthersMoney

There will always be someone who has more money than you, so don’t try to keep up with other students who may spend their money more loosely, buying designer products and brand names, etc. You don’t have to impress anyone. Most of the time, no-one notices or cares anyway.

Have Fun at Home

Partying and entertaining at home is a great way to save money. You don’t have to go out drinking every time you want fun. By staying at home you can have an inexpensive way of entertaining yourself and your friends without spending money.

Bargain Hunt

Instead of buying brand new items, why not bargain hunt for secondhand clothes and accessories. There are plenty of places that sell second hand items that are of good quality, so always be on the lookout for good bargains.

Machine Washable Clothes

When purchasing clothing, try to avoid the ones that require dry cleaning. Dry cleaners can be quiet expensive and can chew through your budget. Machine washing your clothes is a sensible way to save both money and time.

Walk around Town

Instead of driving why not walk to short destinations; this way you save on gas, and you get fit as well. There will be a time when you have enough money to purchase a car and to drive where you need to go.

Use your Student Discount Card

Having a student discount card can gives students the opportunity to save plenty of money. Never be shy to ask if a business accepts your student discount card, as the more you use it the more money you will save.



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