10 dorm room essentials

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Whilst attending college, there are a lot of dorm room essentials that TALK International students may not think of, but that should be on their list. Here are some tips about cool college dorm stuff that the new intake of college students should consider packing before going on their way to attend college.

  1. Mini-Fridge: For on-campus students, a mini fridge is a great idea dorm room essentialsto have when you are trying to cram for a test overnight and don’t want to leave your studies for too long. Plus, by having a fridge in your dorm room you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to those late night snacks, conveniently available in your own room when the cafeteria is closed.
  2. Full Length Mirror: A full length mirror is a really sensible useful addition to your dorm room. When you’re in a hurry, you may just throw on the nearest clothing on hand to wear. With a full length mirror handy, you can double check your appearance in a flash to see if it all works, before going to class.
  3. Safe: When living on campus, you may not get a chance to choose your roommate. Because of this, a safe is a great way of keeping any personal items protected if your roommate decides to “borrow” something without asking.
  4. Bath Caddy: A bath caddy can be a life-saver when you have to share bathrooms with other students. Bath caddies can hold all your essential items such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and more and you can keep them all together in a convenient place.
  5. Air Fresheners: Many dorms don’t have an open window to let a fresh breeze in. This is where an air freshener can be useful; it will keep your dorm room smelling fresh at all times. Automatic air fresheners are a great item to get as they work on a timer to constantly keep your room smelling great.
  6. Laptop Feet: Overheating of a computer can cause significant and expensive damage. This is where laptop feet come in handy. Laptop feet are great for keeping a space under your laptop at all times to help promote airflow and lowering the risk of over-heating.
  7. Charging Station: A charging station is a great device which allows you to charge multiple devices at once. They generally allow for iPads, smart phones, laptops and ensure that your batteries are full at all times.
  8. Bed Lifts: Bed lifts are designed to act as bed feet but can raise the dorm room essentialsheight of your bed. These innovative tools are great for helping you gain extra space for additional storage under your bed.
  9. Extra Bed Sheets: Although some of your linen may be supplied, it is always best to have additional sheets so you can have a clean bed at all times. A clean bed is much more comfortable than lying on stale sheets.
  10. Condoms: Although you may not be intending to be deeply intimate with someone, it is always best to have on hand a packet of condoms just in case that moment arises.  Having protection at at all times is important as this helps reduce the risk of STDs and prevent unwanted pregnancies.


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