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Action cameras are the most popular camera amongst students, adventure travelers, and extreme sports enthusiasts and, being a relatively new phenomenon, there are lots of action camera questions that consumers have. If you are still at the decision-making stage about equipping yourself with an Adventure Camera for your Study Abroad trip and you are considering a Go Pro camera, these are some of the action camera questions asked about this popular brand:

action camera

Detail shot with high definition action camera housing mounted on a sports helmet

Go Pro Action Camera FAQ’s

Q  Which is the most popular GoPro camera? Black, Silver, or White? 2, 3, 3+, 4? Which one is right for me?

A  This depends on what kind of quality and features you want. Most of the cameras can do any activity, with a few exceptions- the Hero2 and all previous generations have curved front lenses which result in soft focus underwater. All models except the Black Edition and Hero4 models struggle with low light situations

I don’t do anything “extreme”… should I still get a GoPro?

A  Sure! There are many users here that use them for hanging out with friends, filming their kids or pets, or just for taking pictures of scenery. It’s an extremely versatile camera, so you can probably find a good use for it in your life, even if you aren’t Felix Baumgartner.

Q HERO 4 Black or Silver?

A That depends on what you want your camera to do. You have to decide between the recording abilities (i.e. higher resolutions and frame rates) of the Black and the convenience of a touch LCD screen integrated on the back of the Silver. Black gives 4K at 30fps. If you do not have the hardware to edit 4K footage, which Black enables, buy the Silver. And if you are a first time GoPro user/buyer, consider the Silver might be a better choice. Though the FOV of the lens is so big, you don’t really have to worry about whether something is in the shot, or not.  If you need good quality slow motion, the Black is better because it offers 1080p120What kind of batteries does the camera use?

Q  What kind of batteries does the camera use?

A The camera runs on 2 AAA batteries. We highly suggest using ENERGIZER LITHIUM or ENERGIZER Rechargeable NiMH (900 or higher mAh) batteries to get the best performance.How long will the batteries last?You will get approximately 2.5 hours of continuous video recording time in mild and warmer temperatures. Cold temps will reduce battery life

Q What size memory card does the camera need?

A  There is 16MB internal memory, but you need a memory card. Most users choose at least a 32GB card.What is the picture resolution?

Q What is the picture resolution?

A The camera captures 5 megapixel digital images.

Q What is the video resolution?

A Video is recorded at 512×384 at 30 frames per second.

Q Is there a zoom function?

A An action cameras do not have zoom

Q Is there sound?

A Yes, there is sound.

If these action camera FAQ’s do not answer all your questions, the official websites for action camera brands will offer much more detailed information beyond the main action camera FAQ’s.

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