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If you are beginning to prepare for your study abroad trip, you are about to discover some amazing action camera uses that will make your experience all the more memorable. Most particularly, if you have decided to create a travel blog –  consider getting an action camera to film your big adventure. It’s called travel vlogging! Here are some great video and action camera uses that will add to your travel photography skills!

action camera on a bike

amazing action camera uses

Common – and not-so-common – Action Camera Uses

  1. It’s great for street photography – with its incredibly wide angle lens, you can capture entire rooms, streets full of people. The camera shoots in fisheye (very wide-angle) mode, so you can capture everything.
  2. You can document interesting people and happenings discretely
  3. It is good for landscape photography – again, because of the wide angles, you can capture everything that your eyes can see.  if you can see it through your lens frame, you can be pretty assured it will appear in the image.
  4. You can take blind shots – these shots where you are not actually looking through the viewfinder are what make this camera such a fun device. You can be pretty sure that your subject will be somewhere in the picture.
  5. The versatility of the camera is further enhanced by the accessories and mounts which you can use with it. For example, its underwater functions and capabilities are amazing.  You do not need a special case for snorkeling as the Go pro comes with a waterproof case. Just remember those anti-fog inserts.
  6. It’s fantastic to record your road trip. Again, with the use of a mount – in this case, the jaws flex clamp mount which can be attached to poles, on ledges and edges, car windows – you can record everything that you see as  you drive. This mount and your camera can also be attached to your car bumper or clamped to a shoulder rig and attached to an open window.
  7. You can use the GoPole selfie stick for bungee jumping – make sure it has a good wrist strap.
  8. Biking with a GoPro just requires a sticky mount on your helmet. And those extra batteries.
  9. And of course, it’s perfect for selfies so that you not only get your POV images but you too!

The one thing to remember is to experiment and find other ways to use your action camera which will make images unique and different.  Check the blogs that adventure travelers, rock climbers, scuba divers and other adventure sports enthusiasts have written – they are full of wonderful and surprising ideas.

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