Spring Break Miami South Beach Guide

 In Miami Beach

One of the preferred Spring Break destinations, South Beach, offers TALK students some of the best nightclubs and nightlife in the country. Known for its trendy sidewalk cafes, non-stop nightlife, and modern restaurants, South Beach is a great place to visit when you want to have a great time. South Beach is a popular area for celebrities, models, and rock stars to visit all throughout the year, and features a beach length of 10 miles which can cater for all sort of fun spring break party fun. Here is a spring break Miami: South Beach guide for TALK English Schools in South Florida.


South Beach Miami offers tons of transportation options for its spring break visitors. There are a multitude of car rental agencies, and of course many taxi services which it the way to go if you are partying hard. Buses are also available for TALK students to use when out exploring the city.

The Weather

The Miami weather is perfect all year round, especially during the spring break season. Usually, it is in mid-80s F while that wonderful ocean water temperature is in the high 70s F to low 80s F.


The currency in South Beach is in US dollars. Most hotels, shops, and restaurants will accept credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Some facilities may also take traveler’s checks or cashier checks.


The primary language used in South Beach Miami is English.

South Beach Spring Break Rules:

  • Drinking on the beach is permitted although no glass bottles are allowed.
  • The state of Florida doesn’t allow opened alcoholic beverages within 50ft of a public thoroughfare or in vehicles.
  • The legal drinking age in the state of Florida is 21.
  • ID must be with you at all times when looking to enter bars and clubs. Some clubs allow 18 years and over to enter depending on the club type.

Other Things To Consider:Spring Break Miami

  • When looking to go to night clubs or restaurants, try to find ones that are Spring Break friendly. A majority of places in South Beach are, although there are a few exceptions.
  • Booking a hotel room or rental room with a kitchen is a good idea as it allows you to sleep late while you can save your money on food.
  • To save money, spend your partying time on the beach or at friends’ pool parties etc.
  • Avoid situations that can lead to fights, taking drugs, or causing scenes, as this will hamper your fun time.
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