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Fort Lauderdale is known for its great weather, miles of sandy beaches, beach and aquatic culture and fabulous events throughoutFort Lauderdale Weather the year which attract thousands of visitors annually. For students studying or traveling to Fort Lauderdale, here’s a rundown of
the variations you can expect in the Fort Lauderdale weather throughout the year.  When deciding what time of the year to come and learn English at the TALK English Schools, this is a helpful guide based on your weather preferences.

Fort Lauderdale Climate

Fort Lauderdale is located near a tropical climate zone and is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, making for great beach vacations all year round. The waters off Fort Lauderdale can be pegged at temperatures just over 80°F throughout most of the year, and in the middle 70s during the colder winter months December to March.  This makes Fort Lauderdale winters much warmer than the most other places along the rest of the East Coast or along the Pacific Coast in the Western United States.

Fort Lauderdale WeatherNovember to April

November through April is the popular time of the year and is the best time to visit Fort Lauderdale. During this time average high temperatures range from 75 to 81°F during the day with nighttime temperatures ranging from 60-65°F. From November through to April the streets of Fort Lauderdale come alive. The influx of tourists does however result in higher accommodation rates and beaches and roads also tend
to be more crowded during this time. Outdoor venues and sidewalk cafes cater to tourists and locals during the winter months much more than at any other time of the year, when it is very hot. When travelling in winter, December – February, long pants and long shirts are recommended as occasionally temperatures will be below 60°F.

June to September

During June through September, the summer months tend to offer hotter temperatures with the rainy season approaching. The crowds at this time generally tend to be smaller because of the rain, humidity and the higher temperatures. When traveling to Fort Lauderdale in the hotter months, it is a great idea to pack lightweight and light colored clothing to wear. The preferred casual footwear is sandals as shoes and socks are uncomfortable in the hotter weather.

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