Halloween in Boston

 In Boston

Halloween in Boston was celebrated by our TALK students and was filled with joy, laughter and WICKED GOOD FUN! Students put their creativity to the test by making decorations and carving pumpkins. For most students, it was their first time wearing a costume and especially celebrating one of America’s favorite holidays. Halloween in Boston is always a great party, as Bostonians love everything that is fun and brings their community together

Mmmm … fingers …

How TALK English Schools students celebrate Halloween in Boston

As for food, everyone enjoyed the diabolically delicious FINGER Foods such as Bat Brains, Flesh & Bones, and Brain Pie.  To wash it down, a splash of Witch’s Brew and a sip of Bloody Punch did the trick.

Finally, all the TALK ghouls, witches, mobsters and other pleasantly horrifying guests shook their bones to some Latin music provided by Dj JD (Juan David).

Good Times

To all our students, both those celebrating Halloween in Boston and at our other schools:

Happy Halloween!


The BBQ King

George de Souza, our blogger,  is also our Center Director at TALK Regis College. George enjoys teaching, playing the guitar & singing, cooking and learning about different cultures through good conversations and food.

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