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TALK Boston has always been a school which a very diversified student population. What is it about Boston, and, in particular, about TALK English Schools, is what we wanted to know.  Four of our students provided the answers in these student testimonials.  Yevgeniy, Tien – or Tim, Bilgenur and Enrique comes from different corners of the globe, but, judging from these student testimonials, they share a passion for English language learning, and have all loved their time at our school in Boston:

Four student testimonials from TALK Boston

student testimonials

Yevgeniy Momsikov, Kazakhstan

“I had a great opportunity to learn English at TALK Boston. I really like this experience. This improved my English and increased my knowledge about other cultures. I met lots of people from different countries. The teachers at school were really interested in helping me to achieve my goals in English”  –  Yevgeniy Momsikov, Kazakhstan


student testimonials

Tien Quang Le, Vietnam

“I’ve been studying at TALK school for 7 months. It’s really awesome, the teachers and staff very nice. My English skills have improved since I studied at TALK Boston. Especially, TALK has a lot of international students from all over the world. I learned a lot of amazing things and about interesting cultures from them. It’s fascinating!” – Tien Quang Le, Vietnam


student testimonials

Bilgenur Balkiz, Turkey

“Hi guys. I’m Bilge. I came to Boston four months ago and I had no friends. I didn’t know English. I was alone all by myself. I was scared because it was my first time in America. Then when I started going to my school TALK English Schools to learn English, I met a lot of nice people. They were my friends and then became my family. I love my school because I consider it as my second home. I always spend my time at school playing with my friends. We always do a lot of activities such as going out for lunch, going to the movie theater and enjoy eating ice cream. Coming to Boston and studying English at TALK English Schools was a good idea!” – Bilgenur Balkiz, Turkey

Our 4th student testimonial was provided by Enrique Bustos from Colombia:

student testimonials

Enrique Bustos, Colombia

“A journey to study a second language is a big challenge, but over time we realize we aren’t alone, that there are good people and professional that can help us meet our objectives. Talk represents for me, the beginning of more opportunities and the place where you can become the best version of yourself.”


It is so interesting to gather all the many different reasons that students give for recommending TALK Boston in these student testimonials.  Thanks to all of you, and we wish you the very best in your future and know that your English skills will help you advance in both your careers and your lives!




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