Great Travel Tips On A Budget

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Traveling abroad can be costly exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. The following are some great travel tips for those Great Travel Tips on a budget.

Travel Tips For Students

Travel On Days That Are Less Desirable – Flying on days which aren’t as popular can help save you more money. Flights during the holiday periods tend to be much more expensive than those out of the holiday season. Scheduling your flights early morning or late evening can also help to save money, as not many people willingly fly at these times.

Compare Online Booking Options – There are many websites which provide deals on flights. Before booking your flight tickets compare different websites to find and book the best deals. This can be done for other modes of transport as well like trains and buses. Comparing the best deals are great way to shave your expenses.

Plan Trips Around Local Events – For trips closer to your base, plan these around a local event. Some event organisers or agents offer student discounts on buses and other transport options. Not only can you keep your budget in the green but you can also get a taste of the local cultural offerings.

Pack Light – Baggage cost can be expensive when flying, so if you’re just going away for a short trip try to pack light, as this will help to reduce the cost with your luggage. Most low budge flight deals are low because you can only take carry-luggage, and are charged extra for checking in even one bag or suitcase.

In addition to following these tips, always show your student ID everywhere, so you can have the benefits if they are available.


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