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Studying abroad at the TALK English School can be an exciting experience, but for first time overseas travelers, it can also be a bit intimidating .  For those whose dream it is to learn English and to do this in another, preferably English-speaking country, here are some general study abroad tips that you can use to help you make the most of the challenges and opportunities that this experience is going to offer. Tips for Studying AbroadStudy Abroad Tips

  1. It’s Normal to be Scared: Feeling apprehensive and scared about leaving your home country is completely normal. You generally feel scared about something you haven’t experienced yet and living in another country is a life-changing experience, however short the time is that you spend there.
  2. Get Ready For Culture Shock: Traveling to a different country will expose you to different cultures and ways of life. The USA has many different cultures and laws that don’t exists in other countries, and it all may seem a little daunting or awkward at first, but, like everything, you get used to them and all of a sudden they seem perfectly normal to you.
  3. You Will Survive: Sometimes when planning for your trip you may wonder how you will survive without all your processions and belongings. This is a normal types of concern, but in truth although it may seem a little mind boggling, you can survive for a long period of time without all your clothes, shoes, or electronic devices!
  4. Take Responsibility: When planning your trip, take responsibility,  and be involved in all the aspect of the planning. This way you will be able to know what you have to do at the airport, when you land, and where you have to go when you reach your new destination.Study Abroad Tips
  5. It’s Going To Be Tough: No matter what subject you are learning, when you first start out, studying abroad can be tough at times. Homesickness is one of the common experiences you should anticipate on your travels. During this time you may cry or get unduly upset over small things that aren’t as important as you make them feel. Just remember to be patient with yourself as this is a natural part of adjusting to your new life.
  6. Life Changing: When you study English abroad it will change your life. Not only will you have learnt a new language, but you will have also met new friends, seen a new world, and experienced a new culture. So when you return home your family may see a change in you, and you in them. Again this is to be expected. Appreciate your opportunity and make an effort to have fun every day that you are on your new adventure.
  7. Talk To Your Parents: Before you leave, talk to your parents about your trip, draw strength from them and their advice, and be calm yourself. They are possibly as anxious as you are, because their child is leaving the nest and growing wings. They will surely give you good advice and guidance for your experience of fending for yourself, perhaps for the first time!


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