Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Bilingualism

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Bilingualism means speaking 2 different languages. It is estimated that over half of the world’s population is Bilingualism bilingual and over 3.5 billion people use more than just one language to effectively communicate in today’s world. The bilingual speaker has many advantages over someone who speaks just one language.

Appreciate and Understand Cultural Nuances and References

Knowing 2 languages allows you to appreciate and understand cultural nuances and references of another culture, whether you are in that country or just reading novels, listening to songs or watching TV shows and movies about it.

Creates Better Job Opportunities

Knowing two or more languages opens up your career possibilities.  Your chances are at least doubled with the addition of a second language!  You language abilities are valued because business is increasingly globalised, and you offer cultural sensitivity and understanding that comes with learning another language. This is highly prized in business environments that have a diversity of employees, or operate in different countries and regions of the world.

You Appreciate Things Which May Be Lost In Translation

A complete understanding of a language is essential not only for those whose job requires it but for travelers and people who have an international lifestyle.  Often, in translation, a lot of small but highly important meanings are lost.  Cultural understanding demands that the language is fully understood.

You Feel More Connected To The Culture

Knowing another language helps you to relate and connect with those around you in a much easier way. You can connect with families, communities, truly understand and appreciate the history and heritage of a place in which you are living or visiting.

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