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If you want to share your travel adventures in a unique way, the latest trend of camera – the action camera – is the way to go.  Here we offer some travel photography tips when using your Action Camera and impressing your friends and family with your creativity! Because it is small, light, powerful, and durable this camera is perfect for travel. If you take note of these photography tips and you will agree that the possibilities you have with action cameras are only limited by your imagination.

Selfie on tropical beach with sunset

get the most out of your action camera with these photography tips

Action Camera Photography Tips

  1. Be aware that in bright day light conditions the sky can easily be overexposed. Keep this in mind and compose your shot with minimal sky to avoid large white areas in your pictures. Or, expose more for the sky but know that what lies beneath may be underexposed.
  2. When using an Action Camera as a street camera, you probably don’t want to put it in any of its many casings and accessories because the additional bulk voids this camera’s main advantage, i.e.  that it is small and inconspicuous. That said, if it’s raining, put your camera in a water-proof case and shoot with confidence knowing that your camera is well protected.
  3. Do not use your zoom. When using your action camera on the street, if you want to focus on a particular person you will find the camera forces you to get closer to your subject. You’ll be surprised how close you can (and need to) get to your subject with action cameras. If you want to take people shots, make sure to stay an arms-length away. Don’t get too close unless you want a slightly distorted picture of the person’s face.  Maybe you do!
  4. Because the GoPro and other action cameras have such a wide angle, be sure to check that your fingers and toes, and even your own shadow do not appear in the shot.
  5. You can create wonderful landscape shots but you need to keep the horizon line in the center of the frame to avoid showing the curvature of the Earth.
  6. Lastly, keep your lens clean.

Remember, that for all the advantages of action cameras for the adventurous traveler, they are definitely a different kind of beast and you will get great unique pictures if you know what they can – and cannot – do.  These photography tips will help you get the most out of your Action Camera.


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