Travel Makes You Braver

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Travel makes you braver and makes you step out of your comfort zone, challenging you in ways you haven’t been challenged in the safe and protective environment of your home.  You have to negotiate a lot of news things: dealing with authorities at the airport, making sure that you keep vital and important documents like passports and cell phone with all your personal data on it in a safe place, getting taxis, finding accommodation, the list goes on. It‘s all about doing things you would not normally do if you stayed home. In order to do successfully make your way in the world, you have to become a bit brave!

Why You Become Brave While Traveling

Taking Unusual Risks

When traveling you get these opportunities to do crazy stuff:  you may see that there are helicopter tours of a city, a chance to swim with dolphins, or do a bungee jump off a bridge across a deep chasm. If you decide to do some daredevil activities, make sure that all the normal safety factors are in place and that although exciting and great chance to show your bravery, there are actually no risks involved

Eating New Foods

Another thing you will show your daring is your willingness to try new and strange foods. In your home country you become stuck in your ways never wanting to venture out of your food comfort zone. Traveling abroad makes you try new things and this includes some fairly exotic dishes with ingredients and textures that are completely alien to your culture!!

Talking To Strangers

You get thrown out of your comfort zone and have to talk to strangers, but that is part of the experience of travel.  Be confident and friendly when you ask directions or advice from people along the way.


It takes a bit of bravery to approach native speakers and attempt to communicate with them using the basics of the language which they speak.  However, native speakers appreciate your attempts to do this and the more you do it, the more you will pick up on a different language.  Practise makes perfect, so take the chance to speak to the native speakers.

Makes You Deal With Change

Traveling abroad makes you adaptable, and that is a fantastic bonus you get for being brave, and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you cower you will not benefit from your experience, if you are bold, you will thrive. Look at change as a positive and you won’t be disappointed.


Lastly traveling abroad gives you the confidence a huge boost. You will definitely see the how much more confidence you gain from traveling or studying abroad.

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