How To Make New Friends While Studying Abroad

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Making friends when studying abroad is what will make all the difference in your experience.  It is a great time to studying abroadmeet new people.  Remember that they too have come on a journey to meet new people and have new experiences and so your classmates and other students are very open to your attempts to get to know them.  For those who want to meet new people here are some helpful tips you can use on how to make new friends while studying abroad.

Tips For Making Friends

Stay In Places Where There are Other Students

Staying in hostels or on campus is a great way of making new friends. You will be surrounded by people each and every day, allowing you to have full access and opportunities to meeting new people all the time.

Be Confident

Confidence is the key to making new friends. If you’re confident it is easier to strike up conversations with strangers and have the ability to show the best side of yourself. Being confident is a huge advantage for a student making their way through their education and their social life.  Also, others are drawn to people who are confident, positive and outgoing.

Share Activities

Joining up with clubs, sharing hobbies with others are great for getting to know people with whom you have common interests. If you like white water rafting go white water rafting. If you like chess, play chess with other students. This is a great way of mixing with people who like the same things that you do.

Go To A Pub

If you’re of legal age in your host country, go to a pub and meet some of the locals. You don’t have to drink anything but you can socialize with people, while having a good time such as playing pool or joining in with games that the some of the pub-goers are playing.

Above All Be Safe

No matter what you’re doing, it is important to always be safe with whoever you meet. If something isn’t right get yourself away from that person as soon as possible.


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