How To Deal With Homesickness

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When students go abroad to study, homesickness can be a hard reality. Being so far from home, and in a new and homesickness unfamiliar place can be very overwhelming and homesickness and longing for your friends and family is the first thing that will kick in.

Tips To Help With Homesickness

  1. Keep Busy – Homesickness can distract you and fill your thoughts when you haven’t got anything to do. Try to keep yourself busy by focusing on what you need to do to settle in, so your mind won’t think about home. This will help you overcome your homesickness in time.
  2. Create A Routine – Creating a routine can help you get through your daily study and life without focusing on your friends and family back home. Sticking with a routine will also help to keep you from getting overwhelmed with being in a new country.
  3. Exercise – Yes that’s right when you exercise it lifts your endorphins. Endorphins help to make you happy and things look better and more manageable when you are in a happy positive frame of mind. So try to go for a run outside, especially where there is grass or greenery.
  4. Treat Yourself – Treating yourself can help to make you happy and take your mind off your friends and family. Take yourself out for a trip to the stores, enjoy looking at all the clothes and books, and buy something, even if it is small, that will make you happy.
  5. Schedule Time To Yourself – Scheduling some ‘you’ time is beneficial. Just do something you love to do. Whether its music, reading a book, or going for a walk, it’s all great to help combat homesickness.
  6. Talk To Others – If you’re really overwhelmed with homesickness why not see if you can talk to the school councillor or teachers. They are there to listen to you and support you, and knowing that is also a comfort.


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