Changing Perceptions

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The world is full of many different types of people. You are going to meet people who tend to be only concerned with Changing Perceptionsthemselves and those who put themselves last as they tend to the needs and problems of everyone around them.  Some societies are very communally orientated, and it is not considered decent to be only concerned with yourself.  Some societies value individuality to the extent that many people are focused on looking after themselves and cannot envision being part of something bigger like a village or a community.  You will see how societies pull together or don’t, how they are divided or united, what value are dominant, when you visit these places.  You will also see that there are always people who are exceptions to the way things are meant to be done, and who defy stereotyping.  These observations as you travel are what will give you an every changing view of how everyone is the same, but everyone is different.  And that it is all a matter of how you perceive things.

When you visit a country, you may feel that you are different from those around you because you look or act different, although once you get to know people, it’s obvious that you are no different to them.

These days with the use of technology, global millennials are more community minded than previous generations.  With the use of technology, a large global platform has been created and which is very democratic so that everyone, from every corner of the earth, feels the right to express themselves and their pride in their identity. In other words everyone can use their differences to make a difference.

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