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Action cameras are a great way for documenting college life from all sorts of angles! Often seen attached to a helmet, a bike, at the end of a pole, these brilliant little action cameras have taken the world by storm.  The main attraction is their size, versatility and durability and they have not only become a must-have for extreme sports but also a favorite for documenting college life and travel adventures abroad.

As a study abroad student, every day is an adventure. You are both learning in the classroom and outside of it.  It is an iconic time in your life.  And your action camera, of course, is there to record every little bit of it.  It may be a small, but this little camera has had a huge influence on college campuses. It can provide opportunities to be creative and showcase the unique aspects of college from a first person point of view depending on how the student decides to use it.

Documenting college life differently

As a student, here are some ways you can put that GoPro camera to use to document your life as a study abroad student, and to express your feelings about the experience.


Take action camera videos of your activities – your yoga session in the park, your bike to the beach with friends, your volleyball game.  These movies not only give you parents and friends back home a vivid picture of your life away from home, but are also something that you can watch later and revive memories of an extraordinary experience. Recording from your perspective makes the document much more personal and interesting for everyone.

Capturing a typical street scene in your host city

For the look, the dress, the diversity, the atmosphere, an action camera is the way to go if you want to easily capturing the essence of the city.  Because of their size, action cameras allow you to take videos of people in the streets, capturing not only the people but also the expansive view of everything else that is in front of you.

college sports game

Document a college sports event

Showcasing athletic activities and adventures

If you love to take advantage of the natural settings, walks, parks, oceans and mountains around you, take a stroll, or ride and attach the camera to your bike, your helmet, your chest and let the camera run  so that you don’t miss a moment.

Taking epic selfies

Making great videos of your life at school.

You can really get the feel for your life as a study abroad student by recording your room, hanging out with your friends, events at the school and outside of it that convey the atmosphere and evoke the memories. Record whatever you want – a concert, a football game, something which speaks of the fun and energy of the period.

Making a unique movie.

Start a video project about whatever interests you about your new environment – the neighborhood, community, a phenomenon, the local farmers’ market. Include some fellow students.

You want to capture unique scenes and you can also experiment with angles and settings that may even make your video go viral! Be creative! Document as much as you can about your study abroad. Have a memoir of an important period of your life. The best part about documenting your college life is that you can look back on what you’ve filmed and it’s such a wonderful reminder and also a memoir of the fun times you have had as a study abroad student. By documenting college life you will remember just how much you accomplish during this time.

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