Travel Safety Tips For Student Travelers

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When traveling abroad for a short or long amount of time, it can be a daunting process, especially when you’re a first Travel Safety Tips timer. You will have plenty to do, lots to think about and have to deal with the up and downs associated with travel. When traveling abroad it is important to keep safe at all times. The following are some travel safety tips you can use to help keep you safe when you’re in another country.

  1. Keep An Eye On All Your Possessions: if you’re traveling through a new country, and you’re carrying a bag with you, always keep an eye on it. It only takes a few minutes for someone to take it when you aren’t looking.
  2. Purses And Wallets: No matter how deep you’re pockets are, try to avoid keeping your wallet or purse in them. You wallet is the upmost of importance, especially when it holds your valuable documents. Thieves pick out their victims who have bulky pockets. If you have a belt bag that wraps around your waist you can see and feel it at your front at all times.
  3. Hide Valuables Away: If you have a camcorder and camera, try to reframe from carrying it over your shoulder. Expensive cameras are targeted by thieves. Try to keep your valuable camera in your bag until you need it.
  4. Travel Buddy: If you’re choosing a travel buddy make sure you know the risks, especially when you have only just met them not long ago. Way up the pros and cons to see whether it’s worth having one with you. Sometimes they may take things that you own. Don’t trust anyone you met without some hesitation.
  5. Insurance: Insurance is very important to get before you set of on your travel. Insurance can cover any medical expenses or any other expenses that may occur out of the blue.
  6. Explore: While you’re traveling try to explore the place you are visiting with a little more enthusiasm. Try new restaurants, explore shops and so on. If you have been warned however about a neighbourhood or area avoid it as there is obviously a good reason for it.
  7. Make Copies Of Important Documents: Before traveling make sure you take copies of any important documents. By having copies, you can have peace of mind in knowing that if you lose your hard copies you have backups which make it easier for you to get your papers in order with officials.
  8. Health Check-up: Before traveling make sure you get a health check-up and all vaccinations. Also check out for travel warnings, news and info on the country you are going to, to make sure there are no dangers in place before you leave.
  9. Keep Cards And Cash Separate: When traveling always keep your cash and cards separate from one another. This way if you lose one set you still have the other.
  10. Typing Personal Details Online: If you’re sharing personal details online in another country it’s important that you think well before you hand over the account details. Check the website and look for signs that the website is a ‘secure visa’ site. Don’t use cards in internet cafes. There are plenty of Trojans, scam devices and more which can steal your money and gain access to your accounts.



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