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For those planning a round the world trip or an adventure to a new country, it’s important to create a travel itinerarytravel planner ready for the big trip. The following is a travel planner guide that you can use to help get you started on your big trip

How To Do It

One of the best ways to economically circumnavigate the world is to by a round-the-world air ticket from the one airline alliance. Any routing is possible but knowing how a round-the-world system works can really benefit you with cheaper trips.

The rules of round-the-world trips include:

  • You must follow one direction when traveling the globe. Eg east to west.
  • You have to start and finish your trip in the same country.
  • You will have to pre-book all your flights before departure but you can change them later.

How Long You Need

A round-the-world trip couldn’t be done in a weekend unless the plane flew non-stop. The minimum duration of a round the world trip usually lasts ten days. Although this may still be a fast trip with little time to actually see the world. Your best bet is to have around 8-12 weeks to fully enjoy the world and all its beauty. The maximum duration for round-the-world tickets is 1 year.

When To Go

No matter where you go you won’t have perfect weather. The trick is to focus on researching the conditions for the location so you can visit at the best time. If you want to travel to the Himalayas don’t go in monsoon season. If you want to travel to Western Australia to swim with whale sharks go between April and July. With these simple tips you can easily make the best weather possible for your destination.

Where To Go

Flying to specific destinations really depends on where appeals to you the most. The classic round-the-world tickets generally go between a few cities. For example you may fly from LA – London – Bangkok – Singapore – Sydney then back to LA. This is just one example you could do multiple stops at depending on your budget and your likes.

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