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When considering study abroad, choosing where you want to study can be difficult as there are so many options.  ForStudy Abroad Destinations some, as in people who want to study English, the choices boil down to the USA, the UK and a handful of other English speaking countries. Some students of course know exactly where they want to go – they have a clear vision of the places they want to see and experience. These destinations have proven to be the most popular for general study abroad travelers.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is highly ranked by international students when it comes to a favored study abroad destination. Costa Rica is well known for its welcoming attitude to foreigners, and opportunities in tourism, especially ecotourism. It is also well known for its coffee and that it does not have an army.


Ireland is a great place to study abroad for those who love green landscapes, cold climates, romantic cities and villages, and great beers. People are friendly and warm  and always ready for a party!


Germany is another fantastic place to visit to study abroad. With its long eventful history and its emergence from ruins of World War 11 to become a thriving and advanced democratic nation, this is an exciting region for young students.


The USA is a great place to visit: well known for its acceptance of foreigners, it is ideal for those who want to speak English as English is the primary language here. The USA also has a huge variety of centers of education and there is sure to be a place that is the perfect fit for you.


The two most popular study abroad destinations in Australia are Melbourne and Sydney. Australia is home to some amazing landscape and natural attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef and Ayres Rock (Uluru). The people of Australia are also friendly, laid back and welcoming those who come to study.


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