Spelling Tests: Why Spelling Is So Important

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One of the key foundations of learning English is knowing how to spell correctly. Although there may be spell-Spelling Testscheckers on computers and other technology based items, it is always important to learn how to spell for many different reasons.

The Importance Of Spelling

Spelling is important for a number of reasons, the six main reasons include:

  • Communication – Having good spelling helps us to communicate better. Proper spelling helps to communicate your message better on a piece of paper and doesn’t deter away from the actual meaning of what is being conveyed.
  • Comprehension – Spelling well helps to avoid confusion. It is important that you’re words are spelt correctly to ensure the person reading what you’ve written can understand it completely. This makes it easier for certain tasks to be understood and completed accordingly.
  • Future – Having proper spelling will also help you in the future. Many universities, jobs and other business rely on proper spelling to ensure resumes, jobs, and other written applications are properly completed.
  • Computer Errors – Although computers have spell-checker, there are times when a computer does get it wrong. This is why it’s important to spell check your work and learn proper spelling at all times.
  • Distraction – Reading a passage which has poor spelling takes your attention away from the meaning of what you’ve written. It’s hard to comprehend and is distracting for anyone who is reading your work.
  • Impressions Last – When you write something with poor spelling and language skills, you won’t leave a great impression. This will reflect on you poorly and you may lose the interest of your reader base in the future.

Spelling Tests

Online spelling test are great ways of helping to test your spelling skills when learning English as a second language. The following are some great spelling tests that you can use online to help improve your skill level.


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