English Listening Tests: How Listening Helps English Skills

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Learning the English languages isn’t just about reading and writing, it’s also about listening as well. Listening is an English Listening Testsimportant aspect when it comes to learning English as a second language. There are many reasons why listening is so important and this is because it:

  • Promote ESL students to have a non-technical language learning process which encourages new strategies to learning English.
  • Gives ESL students proper input which can be a significant aspect for the development of overall speaking skills along with second language learning.
  • Listening occupies a great deal of time in the way we communicate to one another. In our everyday lives we listen all the time to TV, radio, people around us, and more. By listening to conversations directed at you, you can begin to improve your language skills in the long run.

Challenges Of Listening

For any ESL learners, listening does present challenges on their own. These challenges include:

Involving Multiple Modes – Listening requires students to involve interpretive and interpersonal communication modes. This means that is requires you to assume the participative listener role with face-to-face conversations or you take on the non- participative role when people speak around you.

Involving All Language Varieties – Listening also requires students to listen to the different levels of language and colloquialism that is spoken in everyday life.

Involving Reduced and Altered Language Forms – Learning English also means that of altered or “slang” versions of sentences and words. Listening helps ESL students to understand this better and learn how to use these altered and reduced language forms in everyday life.

Involving Different Delivery Methods – Listening also allows you to listen to the context of how someone speaks. This includes their tone, speed, and emotions. Listening to the patterns of speech is great for ESL students to learn how to speak English more fluently.

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