Some American Urban Legends That Are True

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For students who love the more spooky things in life, there’s nothing scarier than learning about some American American Urban Legends That Are Trueurban legends that happen to be true. The following are some of the creepiest urban legends in the USA which may stop you from sleeping tonight.

Man Eating Escalators

One legend which many people still tell to their children is about the man eating escalators. As the story goes ‘if you don’t tie your shoelaces before stepping on an escalator you may just have your toes and feet taken off’. The truth is that escalators are strong enough to shred human flesh and in the past many people have lost toes and large parts of their feet from escalator accidents.

The Girl In the Closet

As the legend goes, a 57 year old man who lived alone would begin to notice that there were objects being moved around his home. He would be missing food that he never ate. He would wake up to strange sounds in the night and when he would check them, his home would be locked up tight. There wasn’t anyone there. So he setup a camera system in the home. The next day he watched the video and to his horror he saw an unusually strange woman crawling from his closet. What’s worse is that at the end of the video she crawled back into his closet. After a thorough search, a woman was found in the small cupboard. She had snuck into the house a year before and had been living in the house without being detected.

The Killer Phone Call

Legend has it that there was a dead body lying in the middle of the room with a telephone in his hand. The truth is that lightning was the cause of this incident. Apparently it doesn’t matter where you are in a room, a phone can cause electrocution when lightning strikes. The lightning had struck the cord which sent an electrical charge from the earpiece into the side of his head.

Creepy Guy With The Lumpy Bag

One of the more popular legends is about a creepy stranger who has a large lumpy bag. Apparently all those who encounter the man have heard him say ‘made him do it’ and the shapes in the bag looked a little too close to bones. He was known as a mental patient who was called body dismemberer. The truth was that a monk was traveling by air and was stopped for a routine bag check at an airport. They found in his luggage human bones that apparently belonged to a nun that went missing four years earlier.



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