Summer Kick-Off Party!!!

 In Fort Lauderdale

In June TALK English Schools Fort Lauderdale started the summer off with a bang with the Summer Kick-Off Party.

Summer Kick-off Party at TALK Fort Lauderdale

In the usual TALK English Schools style, students participated in fun games and activities with gusto and had themselves an absolute ball! Classes competed in such Summer Kick-off Party categories as: Summer Fun Maze, the Flamingo Ring Toss, and a Balloon Relay.

The highlight of the party surely was the Fashion Show and Contest. Working in teams, students were given a roll of paper towels, tape, and ribbon and just 15 minutes to “design” a glamorous outfit for the competition. The creativity of the students shows in these photos! Competitors then presented their creations by “strutting down the catwalk” for the panel of judges (comprised of all students celebrating June birthdays). Contestants were judged for their creativity and presentation. We may not have found America’s next top model, but we certainly discovered a lot of hidden talents! See more about our Summer Kick-off Party here:

flickrCheck out some of the photos!

youtubeSee summer kick-off video!

The best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is between December and April. Yes, anytime in that whole half of the year. The warm climate (between the high 50s and low 80s) makes it an ideal getaway for anyone looking to escape bitter winter temperatures. For this reason, many from the north flock to the south, making December through April Fort Lauderdale’s high season, so expect some crowds. Summer and fall are susceptible to rain and hurricanes, with the official hurricane season running from June 1 to Nov. 30. If you’re traveling at that time (particularly the summer), pack light clothing, a hat and umbrella, and plenty of sunscreen.

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