First Summer Group Program

 In Boston

In June 2009, TALK hosted its first summer group program at our Boston campus at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. This first summer group program offered by TALK English Schools was attended by a group of Japanese seniors who wanted to experience life in America on a college campus. They wanted to live on the college campus,stay in the dorms, eat at the cafeteria and of course learn English and see Boston.

Summer Group Program in Boston

The successful implementation of the program would not have been possible without the active participation and involvement of Regis College, their wonderful staff and the stewardship of the group leader Michael. Living on the campus was comfortable and filled with activities and opportunities for members of the group to practice English and enjoy the American culture. The location of the college close to the subway system made transportation to activities and places of interest easy.

The summer group program included activities and trips that were used to add content and relevance to the academic program. Trips included using the subway and going to museums, prestigious academic institutes and universities, bustling shopping areas, exciting sporting venues and historical sites around Boston.

Massy“Boston was an excellent choice as a destination for this group. The rich history and culture of Boston presented us with many interesting options for trips and activities. Also, the utilization of the substantial resources and facilities at the college allowed made everything convenient and allowed us to really enjoy ourselves.” said Massey Pakdaman, Academic Director.

As always, saying goodbye was difficult and the farewell ceremony was a tearful occasion. “I (am) 78 years (old) and I have (one of the) best time of my life”. said Yoko Nakamura, a member of the group. “I look forward to (my) next trip – Fort Lauderdale”

Thank you Yoko and all the other members of your group, we are so glad you enjoyed our first summer group program! We will miss you and we look forward to seeing you again.


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