Cheap ways to dress up for Halloween

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Remember that, with all those parties and then after-parties and parties all over town, Halloween can run on for what seems like weeks, so you need to have a few easy Halloween outfits on hand!

Easy Cheap Halloween Dress-up ideas

Halloween vampire look

Halloween vampire look

A vampire

Grab a bottle of red face or body paint and go crazy with in on your clothes. Wear a cape if you must ! Sport the horrifying “blood” (you are trying to look scary, right?) over pale foundation to achieve that eerie, pale vampire skin.

A candidate for president or congress

All you need is a tie and sport coat –  a “vote for me” sign hanging around your neck and a permanent big false smile, to shake everyone’s hands and kiss lots of babies and you’re ready!m

A pirate

Arghh! This outfit is all about the accessories. Top a black- or red-striped shirt with lots of gold jewelry, a black scarf wrapped around your head and paint an intimidating skull and crossbones on your arm. Don’t forget the eye patch.

A nerd

Hitch those pants well past your waist, button your shirt to the neck and slip on a pair of glasses. Extra points for suspenders, knee socks.   Tape your glasses for the ultimate nerd look!

A chicken

Start out in all white. Next, wrap your torso in a feather boa—or several, depending on how feathery it is—and clip it in place. Slip a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves on your feet. Fashion a cockscomb—that red thing on a chicken’s head—out of construction paper, and glue to a headband. Then exit the coop.

Jelly beans

This costume requires a lot of lungpower. You’ll start out in a clear trash-bag labeled “jelly beans” in sharpie (or print out the Jelly Belly label). Then, fill the bag, which has you in it, with appropriately sized, multicolor balloons. These will be the jellybeans. Try not to pop any beans throughout the night.

A cat – or any animal with ears

This is perhaps the simplest costume of all. Dress in all black, and pick up a pair of cat ears. If you have any clothes in cheetah or zebra print, use those and don the appropriate ears. Grab face paint to add whiskers and a cute little pink nose.

Happy haunting this Halloween!

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