American Folklore Legends and Stories

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American Folklore Legends and Stories Every country has folklore legends and stories, and America is no different. For those who love the spooky side of life, the following are some American folklore legends and stories that may interest you.

American Folklore Legends

Bloody Mary – Probably one of the most popular folklore legends in the USA, Bloody Mary is one that still lives strong today. Legend says that if a small group of people say her name up to 3 times before a dark mirror her spirit will appear and tell the group their future.

Paul Bunyan – The Paul Bunyan folklore claims that he was delivered by five giant storks to the Earth. This was because legend tells he was taller than your average baby. As the story goes, as he walked he created some of the major landmarks. As legend has it the Grand Canyon was created by his shovel, Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes were created by his footprints, and Mount Hood was created when he extinguished a campfire using rocks.

John Henry – The legend of John Henry claims that he stood 6ft tall and weighed roughly 200lbs. It was said that if he existed, that because of his size, he would have worked on the Big Bend Tunnel which went through the West Virginia Mountains. Other parts of the legend included he challenged the machinery that helped make the tunnels to a dual to see whether he could blast rocks faster and drive stakes faster.

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett – Sally Ann was said to be a larger than life and harder than nails woman which married Davy Crockett. Stories said that she was a fast talking and gun totin’ lady who helped her husband Davy out of many sticky situations. Apparently she loved to wrestle alligators in her spare time and wore a real beehive on her head as a hat.


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