The USA American Cuisine: A Taste Adventure For International Students

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American cuisine is as diverse as is the population. The USA is made up of so many different nationalities who haveAmerican cuisine migrated there and now call the US home. Because of this, you will find a great range of national cuisines, even the regional cuisines of those countries, and then all sorts of fusion cuisines that you never would have expected, such as Japanese-Mexican, Brazilian-Chinese, etc. Then there are various American food fads which hit the cuisines scene and some stay around and some disappear.  For example vegan was considered a fad but it has become pretty mainstream.  Vegetarians are catered for at any restaurant which also serves meat dishes. As a result of all this fusion and mixing and dietary fads, some would say that American cooking is hard to define. There are still the very traditional American dishes:

  • Hot chicken wings
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers,
  • Clam Chowder
  • Apple pie
  • Potato salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Baked potato
  • Meatloaf
  • Stuffed turkey
  • Grilled steak
  • Fried chicken
  • Roast beef

In contrary to what many believe, most American do not eat fast food every single day. Many sit down with families in their home or visit restaurants that serve delicious and nutritious meals. However you will find an abundance of fast food establishments in the country. These offer convenience for many people who do not cook at home or do not wish to.

Regional Cooking

Different areas of the country have developed different cuisines. The regional style of cooking was influenced by colonist nationalities and what was locally available at the time. The following are some cuisines you may find across the country.

New England Style

Northern USA is renowned for their British inspired and cold water sea food dishes. Here you will find typical local dishes like Boston baked beans, Yankee pot roasts, Brunswick stew, and New England clam chowder. Fresh-harvested Maine lobster is also a popular local choice.

Southern Soul Style

The South-eastern USA is known for its southern cooking. It is generally characterized by the farm style cooking with a great range of deep fried foods, sweet desserts and heavy sauces. You will see barbeques, corn, pecan pie, banana pudding and more.

California Cuisine

California cuisine offers a bountiful supply of fresh seafoods, vegetables and fruits. Californians have healthier cuisine options as there is a trend to utilize their own local, fresh ingredients. In California you will see green salads with citrus fruits and avocados, Asian inspired spiced peanut sauce, grilled fish in salsa, and Native American fried bread. California is home to the healthy experimental cuisine which combines many ethnic food styles for a great taste adventure.


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