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To succeed after your study abroad experience, it is important that you take all that has been positive in you study study abroad abroad experience and apply it in your life once you return home. There would have been traits that you admired in the people you met, and even about some of the cultural traits which some of the international students exhibited. Turn these lessons and observations into usable social skills that you can practise. This new and positive mindset can take you a long way to re-establishing yourself in your home country, both socially and professionally. Your homecoming may be difficult but having a positive can-do attitude will help you get through any initial reverse culture shock.

Positive Thinking

  1. Surround Yourself With Positive People – Surrounding yourself with other people who are positive in life reinforces your own attitude.
  2. Be Grateful For What You Have – Instead of worrying about everything that you don’t have, turn it around and be grateful for what you do have – family, health, security, career and other fundamentals that make life good.
  3. Help Those In Need – Helping those in need not only boosts your own sense of self-worth, but makes others feel valued as well. Helping makes you happier, as many philosophers testify. In fact some say it is the only thing that makes you really happy.
  4. Change Your Thoughts – If you always say “I can’t” change it to “I can”. Nothing is impossible. There is always a way to get to your objective if you are willing to persevere.

Motivation is about positive thinking. Your mindset really does have a strong impact when it comes to reaching your goals. When you have a fixed mindset and are not willing to change it is probably because you are listening to that critical inner voice of yours which says you cannot.

When you change your mindset and are open to growth you are practicing self-love and self-worth. You are able to appreciate the power of choice and to choose to make changes beneficial to yourself.

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