Study Abroad Teaches Compassion, Understanding, And Empathy

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The study abroad experience teaches a lot of things. It teaches you how to learn a specific language, how to be Study Abroad Teachesconfident, and how to be successful in life. All these things are true. Equally true is that study abroad matures an individual emotionally as the experience calls for mature responses to the new challenges which include cross cultural interaction, adapting to unfamiliar people and situations and creating a work-life balance for yourself. You learn about empathy and compassion and cultural sensitivity.

Ways Study Abroad Teaches Compassion, Empathy and Understanding.

  1. See How The World Lives – When traveling to different countries you will be able to see how the rest of the world lives their lives. You will travel in countries where much of the population is a lot less fortunate than you. In those countries where you can see all around you so many who struggle to have the basic necessities in life, it is a true eye opener and you are forced to reconsider your previous expectations of how the world is. You certainly understand that not everyone is well off as you are.
  2. Live Like A Different Culture – When living in a new country you tend to live how they live through their culture. Some cultures around the world have certain rules that must be followed. Although this may be common for the people who are used to this, it can really make you change the way you think about how different your life would be if you had grown up in select cultures.
  3. Helping Someone In Need – In some cases you may come across someone who needs help. They may have lost a loved one, may be struggling to cope with something, or may just need directions or help to understand something. This experience teaches you how to be compassionate to those around you. By helping someone in need you learn to be more empathetic and compassionate to their situation and you provide comfort for someone who needs it.


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