The Resourceful Traveler When Traveling Abroad

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When traveling abroad, especially for the first time and on your own, you are able to experience the sense of personal traveling abroadfreedom and independence which you won’t have done up until now. It will be an exhilarating and exciting feeling! Travel teaches you many things, like patience, flexibility, how to communicate with others and how to be resourceful. Here is how to handle some situations on your travels abroad where clear communication is necessary:


Always have a phrase book on hand if you do not speak the language of a country you are visiting.

At numerous times on your travels you will come into contact with someone who can’t understand you because they don’t speak your language and you do not speak their. You try your best to communicate with them but you get embarrassed because you’re now playing charades.  As you are the guest in the country, however, it is shows effort and goodwill if you can produce a phrase book and try to work out what is being said.  Locals appreciate the visitor who tries to understand the basics of their language.

Communication tricks and shortcuts are also useful in these situations:


You’re trying to order your travel ticket but you order the wrong one. You get on a train or bus but you end up at the wrong city alone. To help stop this from happening prepare yourself by writing down the names of the city you want to go to and the departure times so you can give it to the ticket agent. This will help with any confusion you or they may have about what you need.


To avoid bad experiences with the local cuisine, before traveling write down the names of any food allergies you have in the language of your intended destination.  Show this to the server in restaurants you visit


Stranger danger operates in every country, in every situation. If you meet someone who just doesn’t feel right, walk away. If they won’t let you leave, make a scene and try to attract people who are around you to your problem. Don’t stay with a stranger that you aren’t comfortable with, even if you want to be polite. Be safe rather than sorry.


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